All customers who book directly on our website, or by phone, will enjoy free and optional travel assistance insurance to provide coverage for possible cases of COVID-19 and other medical needs during the stay. The insurance has been designed for this specific circumstance by ARAG, a recognized legal defense and travel assistance company.

The aim is to offer a safe environment to the visitor, as well as strengthen the confidence of our customers, not only with the application of our safety and hygiene measures, but also with the inclusion of this insurance for each reservation that wish.


Medical and health care in Spain. Tele Consultation Service or Video Medical Consultation.

Repatriation or transport of the patient and other insured persons. Travel of a relative or companion in case of hospitalization.

Convalescence at the hotel of the insured and a companion. Early return due to hospitalization and / or death of a relative.

Refund of holidays not enjoyed due to repatriation or early return. Loss of contracted services in case of hospitalization of the insured.

• Sending a professional driver.

* If you want to know all the conditions and limitations of the coverage of this insurance, contact us via:


At Hotel Mireia we take the protection of the health of people who decide to stay and of our staff very seriously. For this, we have designed strict protocols and guidelines for good cleaning, ventilation and disinfection practices, taking into account all the World Health Organization guidelines, as well as the applicable regulations. Below you can  read a summary:

Did you know that the Hotel Mireia is one of the hotels with the highest rating for cleanliness in all of Lloret?


  • Our staff has received training from Altimir laboratories in preventive measures regarding COVID-19.
  • We carry out body temperature controls of the staff.
  • We put dispensers of  disinfectant  in different locations.
  • We apply the protocols suggested by the health authorities in common spaces, ventilating and increasing the frequency of cleaning and disinfection with virucidal products, such as in public bathrooms. 
  • We disinfect the remote controls that we deliver to our customers in sterilized bags that are being renewed.
  • POS terminals and room keys are disinfected several times daily.
  • We disinfect tables, chairs and hammocks after each use.


  • We have spaced the Buffet tables (minimum of 2 meters between tables, most in the garden ).
  • We clean and disinfect tables and chairs after each use.
  • We establish maximum capacities .
  • We establish 3 breakfast shifts .
  • We provide gloves to customers so that they avoid handling food and tongs directly with their hands at the buffet. Customers serve themselves from the buffet with their face mask on . This area is ventilated with fresh air from outside.
  • Our suppliers comply with regulations and protocols related to COVID-19.



Until the beginning of 2021, the WHO has not recognized that the main route of transmission of viruses is the aerosols that we generate by mouth. Most protocols in 2020 focused on cleaning surfaces, hands, and keeping distance to avoid contact with droplets of saliva that were projected directly towards an object or person. We already include the prevention of contagion by aerosols together with those already recommended.

Aerosols float in the air and must be treated differently. The screens do not serve to stop them. This translates into ventilation of closed spaces where people gather for a certain time: rooms, common areas, bar area. In other words, if you can have breakfast outdoors and there is distance between tables, the risk of contagion is practically zero. If the rooms are ventilated and HEPA filters are placed in the air conditioners, there should be no contagion. If there are no common areas without natural ventilation, you should not worry.

At Hotel Mireia you just have to remember that you must wear your face mask in the common areas except when tables, hammocks or chairs are occupied in the garden and pool area. You also have to keep safe distances , wash your hands after having contact in common areas or using disinfectant solutions.

The hotel has only 24 rooms and the average occupancy in the summer of 2020 was 50%. Despite having few rooms, the common areas are large, such as the garden and the swimming pool.

No, when you sunbathe or are in the hammocks or tables in the garden, or when you bathe in the pool or have breakfast, you do not have to wear a mask. Of course not in your room either.

Yes, and we recommend it. If it rains we also have 2 spacious and ventilated spaces. The 3 breakfast shifts make table assignment a lot easier.

You can enjoy a continental breakfast buffet with some hot dishes. We do not renounce your safety or that you serve yourself whatever you want when you feel like it . All the foods in the buffet are with their container with a lid and we have substituted bulk foods such as jams, vinegar, oil, for single doses. In this way all foods have their protection. In the breakfast protocol we provide plastic gloves to customers so that they do not touch the tweezers directly , and we also ask that they wear their masks on while serving. If you want to repeat it, you have to put on gloves again and at all times we ensure that there is not more than one reserve unit serving within 2 meters.

We have established 3 breakfast shifts: from 8:00 a.m. to 8:50 a.m., from 9:00 a.m. to 9:50 a.m. and from 10:00 a.m. to 10:50 a.m. When you check-in, we will ask you to choose a shift and we will tell you how to proceed to access breakfast.

No, none. As every year there is a schedule of use that is from 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. The disinfection standards that we comply with by law in hotel pools are more than sufficient to prevent contagion.

Yes, in the reservation confirmation email we will send you the link so you can do it.